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-Drill and Blast Feasibility Studies

KNMCE conducts detailed drilling and blasting feasibility studies for operations after site investigation and data review. Based on the client fragmentation targets, our team provides a fragmentation model for each client specified rock domain by considering factors such as total costs and protecting final walls.

-Blast Design Optimization

KNMCE team optimizes blasts by development of effective timing configurations. The development includes many factors such as sequential detonation, geological considerations, fragmentation optimization, vibration control, and highwall protection.

-Fragmentation improvement

Fragmentation improvement is expensive and detonation process is faulty without understanding the performance of the explosives and dynamics of the rock’s response. KNMCE blasting design team improves the blast performance to achieve the designed fragmentation with using 3D face mapping, explosive velocity of detonation measurement, image analysis fragmentation quantification, field vibration and pressure recording, drillwagon and excavator productivity analysis, and crushing, milling and grinding analysis.

-Control Blasting Design for High Walls Stability Improvements

Efficient wall control blast design is one of the key factors to have safer and steeper slope. This can controls the overall profitability of surface operations. KNMCE blasting design team has been involved with developing site specific and successful wall control designs for various projects.

-Overall Cost Optimization

The implementation of blasting techniques has effected on drilling, blasting, excavation and ore processing costs. KNMCE blasting design team goal is to increase the value of clients business by helping operations to maximize explosive performance while minimizing overall operational costs.

KNMCE has been provided the latest technological blasting services through the initial blast planning to quantify blast performance for various clients to help their respective sites become more productive with the use of proper drilling and blasting techniques.