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-Remote Sensing & Geophysics

Following the trace of the mineral on earth is the initial step in exploration and geological data gathering. Our group has world class experience in analyzing the formations and structures and correlate the mineralization zones with the controlling factors.  We put the RS data first and reduce the cost of geophysics with using innovative interpretation combined with our geologist advance knowledge.

-Geological data QC & QA

Geological data integrity and quality is the first step in building a reliable model.  Resource estimate, Geotechnical design, Risk management and mine planning are all embraced with the geological data. KNMCE geologist with superior experience in data audits are ready to assess your geological data including log documents, interpretation reports, downhole data studies and comply them with international standards and produce reports of quality control and assurance.

-Geological 3D Modeling

KNMCE hires the cutting edge technology to create 3D geological models. KNMCE utilize explicit modeling to combine history of structural features with geologic data. The approach is focused on the mine planning and exploration targeting solutions. A dynamic model is the final output which evolves as more information become available. The KNMCE is expert in extracting required information in each mining stage during the LOM.

-Structural Studies and modeling

KNMCE international field experience brings the opportunity of working in the most complex geological condition in the world. Our geological engineer team has vast experience in mapping and using RS data combined with field studies to identify structures which play important roles in geotechnical studies and resource estimate.  Our hydro team takes advantage of structural model for analyzing and creating the preferred pass of water flow and the drainage potentials. KNMCE has multi-disciplinary experience in using structural data in slope stability analysis, hydro modeling and creating risk based model combined with the limitation or benefits they provide for exploration services.