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-Pit Slope Stability and Risk Assessment

Our clients have been provided with KNMCE geotechnic department skills in modeling of overall and inter-ramp slopes and their stability analyses. For many assessments conventional limit equilibrium analysis is suitable. However, if more detailed analysis is required, 2D and 3D numerical modeling can be undertaken. KNMCE has also many years of experience in geotechnical data collection through surface mapping which are subsequently applied in rock mass characterization. Analyzing rockfall hazard, risk assessment and designing remediation tools and their optimization are other fields we are expert in. Remedial works are especially required following slope failure or change in its stability condition. KNMCE engineers also offer the clients to geotechnically support operating mines on-site.

-Underground Mining Geotechnical Analysis

KNMCE has extensive experience of Pillar and slope stability analysis and optimization. Stability analysis is used to demonstrate the safety state of proposed operation. Our team has provided advices for underground spaces support system selection, design and implementation in a wide range of geotechnical and geological settings worldwide. Ground control management plans have been proposed by KNMCE regarding ongoing and past excavating and blasting activities effects on surface structures. Our team also has proposed some rehabilitation designs for underground coal mines support systems.

-Control Blasting Design for High Walls Stability Improvements

KNMCE is recognized as an expert in advisory and technical services on a wide range of issues in relation to rock blasting and excavation. Services related to this category include:

Drillability studies and equipment selection

Fragmentation studies

Face mapping, blast design and monitoring

Assessment of ground vibration and other environmental impacts

-Geotechnical Drilling Management and Design

We provide accurate and reliable consulting services on geotechnical drilling programs to clients operating. Our engineers have a remarkable range of background in geotechnical drilling network design based on structural modeling. We are also experienced in drilling scheduling consultancy and oriented drill core logging.

-Building 3D Geotechnical Models

​ KNMCE geotechnical engineers specializing in geomechanics use their knowledge and skills to build 3D geotechnical models of project sites containing information such as lithology, alteration, and structural features. Since 3D geotechnical model is an essential tool for the planning, design and operation of any geotechnical structure, our clients have embraced it as an important component and source of expertise on their projects.