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-Mine Design

KNMCE team has experience in largest and most advanced mining operation in the world. They participated in managing more than 800000 tons production per day and have proven skills in operation management. Practical experience combined with state of the art knowledge of mine planning tools enable the KNMCE to design an open pit mine from preliminary feasibility studies to mine flow optimization.

-Schedule Optimization

The commodities prices are not always follow smooth trends. Most of operation cost are increasing annually and does necessarily follow the commodity trends. KNMCE is an expert to prioritize the mining sequences to maximize the value of the resource. KNMCE has a long track record to assist the clients to make the right decision on the right time with preserving the mine integrity and maximizing the income.

-Mine Flow Optimization

KNMCE is an expert in establishing a flexible production chain from the drilling and blasting to the concentrate or final product. Accelerating the mining rate or dumping the low grade material is part of the ongoing decision for mine flow optimization. With mine flow optimization by KNMCE the corporate are able to secure the maximum profit during the life mine. Introducing the dynamic cutoff grade for different commodity demands and production rates is KNMCE expertise with successful application. Strategic mine planning embraced both MFO and MSO combined with extensive experience of our team.

-Fleet Management and Dispatching Consultancy

KNMCE teams have experience in the most advanced and sophisticated dispatching system in the world. The dispatching services which are provided are summarized as follows:

  • Real-Time Production Reporting
  • Fuel Service Management
  • Payload Analysis
  • Proxiity Detection
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Blending
  • Tire Management